social justice

[ soh-shuhl juhs-tis ]


  1. fair treatment of all people in a society, including respect for the rights of minorities and equitable distribution of resources among members of a community.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of social justice1

First recorded in 1825–30

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Example Sentences

The first set relates to increased awareness of how their activities impact external events happening in the world such as climate change and social justice.

The Ford Foundation and Mozilla led a fellowship program to connect technologists, activists, journalists and scientists, and strengthen organizations working at the convergence of technology and social justice.

Repealing the protections might seem relatively easy in Maryland, a state where both legislative chambers have supermajorities of Democrats, who have tended to be sympathetic to calls for police accountability and social justice.

A few weeks after the inauguration of a new president, the nation continues to struggle for its footing amid deep polarization, a pandemic, questions about economic and social justice, and declining faith in its institutions.

From Time

The NFL has committed to advance social justice and an end to racism.

Most other social justice movements are seeking some shift of power and money.

Since then, Gurira has become active in social justice and charitable causes.

Indeed, those committed to fighting for social justice are shocked when an officer is indicted.

“We had a platform on which we could project the social justice agenda,” Jackson said.

How effective do you feel the medium is in campaigning for social justice and elevating social consciousness?

To others the fierce desire for social justice obliterates all fear of a general catastrophe.

In the midst of accumulated wealth social justice seems as far away as ever.

All must work for the state; only in a socialist commonwealth can social justice be found.

If there is everywhere complete economic freedom, then there will ensue in consequence a régime of social justice.

He intended to create a perfect society, and to establish principles of social justice in the earth.





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