sock puppet

[ sok-puhp-it ]
/ ˈsɒk ˌpʌp ɪt /
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a hand puppet made out of a sock.
a person or group whose actions are controlled by another; a puppet.
  1. Also called sock . a false name or identity assumed by an internet user, often to communicate favorable or self-serving comments or used to create a mythical rival with whom that user can successfully argue online.
  2. Also called sock, sock account . an online user account created for such purposes.
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Also sock·pup·pet .

Origin of sock puppet

1959 for def. 1; 1990–95 for def. 2

OTHER WORDS FROM sock puppet

sock-puppet, verb (used without object), sock-pup·pet·ed, sock-pup·pet·ing.
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How to use sock puppet in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for sock puppet

sock puppet

a simple puppet made from a sock and worn over one hand
an extra online identity created by a member of a discussion forum, etc, to agree with opinions submitted under his or her usual online name

Derived forms of sock puppet

sock puppeteer, nounsock puppetry, noun
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