soda siphon

  1. a sealed bottle containing and dispensing soda water. The water is forced up a tube reaching to the bottom of the bottle by the pressure of gas above the water: Also called (esp US): siphon bottle

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How to use soda siphon in a sentence

  • He was back again in a trice, a flask in one hand, a soda siphon in the other, and a small glass balanced on his thumb.

    Red Pepper Burns | Grace S. Richmond
  • He took a soda siphon from the little sideboard and depressed the lever, holding the outlet above his victim's head.

  • The fire had been made up, and his whisky decanter and soda siphon stood by a plate of sandwiches on the dining-room table.

    Married Life | May Edginton
  • And with a grunt like the sound of an exhausted soda-siphon, the huge dog passed out of this story and out of life as well.

    Lad: A Dog | Albert Payson Terhune
  • Someone directed a soda-siphon at him and he retired, drenched.

    Command | William McFee