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soft iron

    1. iron that has a low carbon content and is easily magnetized and demagnetized with a small hysteresis loss
    2. (as modifier)a soft-iron core
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Historical Examples of soft iron

  • The effect can be very greatly increased by providing the solenoid with a soft-iron core.

    The New Gresham Encyclopedia


  • Soft-iron electro-magnets, after being once magnetized, remain slightly magnetic.

  • Magnets retain their strength best when provided with soft-iron "keepers," as in Fig. 171.


    Willis Eugene Tower

  • A piece of brass wire, O, is soldered to the diaphragm disk B and the soft-iron armature H, to connect them solidly.

  • Soft-iron magnets having high permeability quickly lose their magnetism.


    Willis Eugene Tower