[ soh-hoh, soh-hoh ]
/ ˈsoʊ hoʊ, soʊˈhoʊ /


a district in London, England, including Soho Square: a predominantly foreign section since 1685; noted for its restaurants.

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[ soh-hoh ]
/ ˈsoʊ hoʊ /


a district in New York City, in lower Manhattan, south of Houston Street, where many of the old warehouses and buildings have been converted into studios, galleries, shops, and restaurants.
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/ (səʊˈhəʊ) /


hunting an exclamation announcing the sighting of a hare
an exclamation announcing the discovery of something unexpected

Word Origin for soho

an Anglo-French hunting call, probably of exclamatory origin

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/ (ˈsəʊhəʊ) /


a district of central London, in the City of Westminster: a foreign quarter since the late 17th century, now chiefly known for restaurants, nightclubs, striptease clubs, etc
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Word Origin and History for soho


district in New York city, 1969, from "South of Houston Street," but probably also echoing the name of the London neighborhood (famous for vice by early 19c.), which was so called since at least 1630s, originally "So Ho," a hunting cry (c.1300) used in calling from a distant place to alert hounds and other hunters; the West End district was so called from earlier association of this area with hunting.

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