/ (səʊˈleɪnəm) /

  1. any tree, shrub, or herbaceous plant of the mainly tropical solanaceous genus Solanum: includes the potato, aubergine, and certain nightshades

Origin of solanum

C16: from Latin: nightshade

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How to use solanum in a sentence

  • Olea europæa, Oryza sativa, solanum tuberosum, Vitis vinifera.

    Origin of Cultivated Plants | Alphonse De Candolle
  • Next along the wall is solanum crispum, much to be recommended in our southern counties.

    Wood and Garden | Gertrude Jekyll
  • In 1580 they sent it home, and there is evidence that by 1580 the solanum tuberosum had been planted in North America.

    Storyology | Benjamin Taylor
  • The seeds also are hairy; and the berry is wrinkled, and not of so firm a texture as in solanum.

    Botany for Ladies | Jane Loudon
  • There are several species, all of which were formerly included in the genus solanum.

    Botany for Ladies | Jane Loudon