solar mass

  1. the unit, equivalent to the mass of the sun, in which the masses of stars and other celestial objects are given: a black hole of one million solar masses.

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How to use solar mass in a sentence

  • In the stages of concentration the planetary nebulæ might well repeat those through which the greater solar mass proceeded.

    Outlines of the Earth's History | Nathaniel Southgate Shaler
  • This speed, caused by the solar mass itself, keeps our planet at the same mean distance from the central star.

    Urania | Camille Flammarion
  • The separation of the planets from their parent solar mass seems to be after all but a temporary separation.

  • It is easy to see, then, that this "giant planet" would produce enormous tidal elevations in the solar mass.

    The Asteroids | Daniel Kirkwood

British Dictionary definitions for solar mass

solar mass

  1. an astronomical unit of mass equal to the sun's mass, 1.981  × 10 30 kilograms: Symbol: M ⊙

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