[ soh-ley-shee-uhm ]
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noun,plural so·la·ti·a [soh-ley-shee-uh]. /soʊˈleɪ ʃi ə/.
  1. something given in compensation for inconvenience, loss, injury, or the like; recompense.

  2. Law. damages awarded to a plaintiff as compensation for personal suffering or grief arising from an injury.

Origin of solatium

1810–20; <Medieval Latin sōlātium, variant spelling of sōlācium,Latin: solace

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How to use solatium in a sentence

  • But, willing as she was to do all this in the future, I soon discovered that she wanted her small solatium in the present.

  • (c) The Company shall receive as a solatium for the unexpired period of the concession an amount equal to one per cent.

    The Transvaal from Within | J. P. Fitzpatrick
  • No: Travers hasn't been running around and finding me a better-paid job as a solatium.

    Foe-Farrell | Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  • Shall we say that you leave Richmond this afternoon with a solatium of five hundred pounds?'

    The City in the Clouds | C. Ranger Gull
  • As a solatium to his wounded feelings, he ordered his friends of the Marat Company to get rid of them.

British Dictionary definitions for solatium


/ (səʊˈleɪʃɪəm) /

nounplural -tia (-ʃɪə)
  1. law, mainly US and Scot compensation awarded to a party for injury to the feelings as distinct from physical suffering and pecuniary loss

Origin of solatium

C19: from Latin: see solace

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