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[soh-ley-shee-uh m]
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noun, plural so·la·ti·a [soh-ley-shee-uh] /soʊˈleɪ ʃi ə/.
  1. something given in compensation for inconvenience, loss, injury, or the like; recompense.
  2. Law. damages awarded to a plaintiff as compensation for personal suffering or grief arising from an injury.
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Origin of solatium

1810–20; < Medieval Latin sōlātium, variant spelling of sōlācium, Latin: solace
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perk, perquisite, salvo, satisfaction, redress, wages, restitution, recovery, pay, tip, amends, cue, reparation, gravy, return, indemnification, atonement, requital, payment, redemption

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Historical Examples of solatium

  • At the same time, the head-clerk was given a handsome cheque as a solatium.

    The Mystery of Lincoln's Inn

    Robert Machray

  • So Lupus gives it up, and says as his solatium: After all, Ive not broken my vow.

    Myths and Dreams

    Edward Clodd

  • His reference to a "solatium" puzzled me, but it did not seem anything of consequence.

    The Yeoman Adventurer

    George W. Gough

  • Whether this was true or was only meant as a solatium I do not know.

    My Autobiography

    F. Max Mller

  • Venice gave the commune of Cattaro an annual subvention as solatium.

    The Shores of the Adriatic

    F. Hamilton Jackson

British Dictionary definitions for solatium


noun plural -tia (-ʃɪə)
  1. law, mainly US and Scot compensation awarded to a party for injury to the feelings as distinct from physical suffering and pecuniary loss
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Word Origin for solatium

C19: from Latin: see solace
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