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[ sawng-burd, song- ]


  1. a bird that sings.
  2. any passerine bird of the suborder Oscines.
  3. Slang. a woman vocalist.


/ ˈsɒŋˌbɜːd /


  1. any passerine bird of the suborder Oscines, having highly developed vocal organs and, in most, a musical call oscine
  2. any bird having a musical call

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Word History and Origins

Origin of songbird1

First recorded in 1765–75; song + bird
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Example Sentences

In fact, only humans and songbirds have been observed warming up their vocal cords during early development, says Fernandez.

That is vastly different from most songbirds, where only the males are known to babble and sing.

That’s right, baby—this species sticks around for the toughest weather, unlike other songbirds that only show up in spring and summer.

Only animals with extended parental care — like songbirds or primates — can afford to be helpless for any extended period of time.

There are scenes of beasts hiking through the woods, downhill skiing, and riding a gondola, among others, as well as a new spring-summer collection that features songbirds and flowers.

We are eternal losers and this young songbird from Gaza is our one chance at redemption.

The British songbird thanked the doctors “who brought my voice back.”

A racy photo of songbird Christina Aguilera appeared on the Internet in December 2010.

But with songbird populations falling all across North America, I do think it's time for a movement to keep cats indoors.

The article ran beneath a photograph of a gray-and-white kitty munching on the head of a songbird.

"Songbird, you've plotted and planned too much," interrupted Dick, as the would-be poet hesitated.

They took with them Songbird and Hans, and went on foot, the weather being ideal for walking.

"Sobber is going to take a run by steamboat to Ithaca," answered Songbird.

"Well, this is a pleasure," said Songbird, and forgot all about what he was going to say concerning his verse making.

"Hullo, here is something new," said Songbird, as they walked past the stores.





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