(intr, often foll by on or upon) Scot to obtain food, lodging, etc, from another person by presuming on his generosity

Word Origin for sorn

C16: from earlier sorren a feudal obligation requiring vassals to offer free hospitality to their lord and his men, from obsolete Irish sorthan free quarters
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Examples from the Web for sorn

Historical Examples of sorn

  • We only once met with the cockchafer in Scotland, at Sorn, in Ayrshire.

  • Davas, was a word, too, and ta- was a common prefix; sorn and hulva were both common words.


    H. Beam Piper

  • Mr. Alexander Peden was born in the parish of Sorn in the shire of Air.

  • The grave-digger of Sorn, Ayrshire, was as selfish and as mean a sinner as ever handled mattock or carried mortcloth.

  • I told her how Sorn had gotten careless with its hydrogen atoms and had blown itself over half of creation.


    Jerome Bixby