sort out

verb(tr, adverb)
  1. to find a solution to (a problem, etc), esp to make clear or tidy: it took a long time to sort out the mess

  2. to take or separate, as from a larger group: he sorted out the most likely ones

  1. to organize into an orderly and disciplined group

  2. informal to beat or punish

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How to use sort out in a sentence

  • So much had happened so quickly during the past hour that Dalgard had no chance to plan or even sort out impressions in his mind.

    Star Born | Andre Norton
  • Here you will have quite some writing to do, and bills to sort out.

    From Farm to Fortune | Horatio Alger Jr.
  • First they began to sort out the things to be kept for immediate use.

    The Beach of Dreams | H. De Vere Stacpoole
  • Mina was trying to sort out the state of things which would result.

    Tristram of Blent | Anthony Hope
  • She obeyed and Leslie kneeling on the floor began to sort out the rags.

    Daisy Ashford: Her Book | Daisy Ashford