[ soo-too, soh-toh ]
/ ˈsu tu, ˈsoʊ toʊ /
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noun, plural So·thos, (especially collectively) So·tho for 3.
a group of closely related Bantu languages spoken in Lesotho and South Africa.
any of the Sotho languages, especially Sesotho.
Also called Basuto. a member of any of a cluster of linguistically and culturally related Bantu-speaking peoples of southern Africa, including the Tswana.
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How to use Sotho in a sentence

  • Sotho teaches Odin a Code of War which at any time may become the philosophy of a nation.

    William Blake|Charles Gardner

British Dictionary definitions for Sotho

/ (ˈsuːtuː, ˈsəʊtəʊ) /

plural -tho or -thos a member of a large grouping of Negroid peoples of southern Africa, living chiefly in Botswana, South Africa, and Lesotho
the group of mutually intelligible languages of this people, including Lesotho, Tswana, and Pedi. It belongs to the Bantu group of the Niger-Congo family
plural -tho or -thos Southern African a member of the Basotho people; a Mosotho
Southern African the dialect of Sotho spoken by the Basotho; Sesotho. It is an official language of Lesotho along with English
Former name (for senses 3, 4): Basuto
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