sound man

or soundman

  1. a technician who produces sound effects.

  2. a technician responsible for the quality of sound that is broadcast or recorded.

  1. Theater. a technician responsible for the proper placement of microphones, achieving the desired volume and balance of sound from various sources, and eliminating any distortion caused by amplification.

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How to use sound man in a sentence

  • He is a good sound man, and the Doctor thinks much of him, and perhaps he may shed some light upon this matter.

    The Minister's Wooing | Harriet Beecher Stowe
  • But her ought to a' had a sound man on the road—a man with a horse well seasoned, and a substantial cart—her ought.

    Cripps, the Carrier | R. D. (Richard Doddridge) Blackmore
  • During the rest of the day the agonising descent continued, down rocks which were difficult even for a sound man to ascend.

  • So, since the fiat has gone forth—McPherson's a sound man and knows his job—let's face it together, little old pal.

    The Hermit of Far End | Margaret Pedler
  • If he could be taken to better air, he would probably be a sound man quickly.

    The Sign Of The Red Cross | Evelyn Everett-Green