sounding board


a thin, resonant plate of wood forming part of a musical instrument, and so placed as to enhance the power and quality of the tone.
a structure over or behind and above a speaker, orchestra, etc., to reflect the sound toward the audience.
a board used in floors, partitions, etc., for deadening sound.
a person or persons whose reactions serve as a measure of the effectiveness of the methods, ideas, etc., put forth.
a person or group that propagates ideas, opinions, etc.: He was more of a sounding board than a novelist.

Origin of sounding board

First recorded in 1760–70
Also called soundboard. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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Contemporary Examples of sounding board

  • Samuel Shriqui, another Upper East Side hairdresser, feels that some clients take the sounding-board scenario too far.

    The Daily Beast logo
    The New Pseudo-Shrinks

    Beth Landman

    March 27, 2009

Historical Examples of sounding board

  • Music burst from the sounding-board, odd, wild music, suddenly hopeful.

    The Link

    Alan Edward Nourse

  • This is the sounding-board resonance of the bones of the head and chest.

  • It may be air resonance, or sounding-board resonance, or both combined.

  • It seemed to him to serve as a sounding-board to the fierce noises of the mongrel city.

    In the Wilderness

    Robert Hichens

  • It was hard not to hear what Pushkin said, for the house was like a sounding-board.

    John Marvel, Assistant

    Thomas Nelson Page

British Dictionary definitions for sounding board

sounding board


Also called: soundboard a thin wooden board in a piano or comprising the upper surface of a resonating chamber in a violin, cello, etc, serving to amplify the vibrations produced by the strings passing across itSee also belly (def. 6)
Also called: soundboard a thin screen suspended over a pulpit, stage, etc, to reflect sound towards an audience
a person, group, experiment, etc, used to test a new idea, policy, etc, for acceptance or applicability
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