[ sound-nis ]
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  1. freedom from injury, damage, defect, disease, etc.; health or good condition: Homebuyers should engage a professional home inspector to check the property's safety and soundness.

  2. the fact or quality of being financially strong, secure, or reliable: Over the next few months, more reports began to surface that put the soundness of his investments into question.

  1. the fact or quality of being well-informed or well-founded, sensible, valid, etc.: My criticisms were about soundness of judgment, not about his intelligence or integrity.

  2. (of sleep) the fact or quality of being uninterrupted and deep: Caffeine altered participants’ estimates of the time it took to fall asleep as well as the soundness of sleep.

  3. freedom from moral weakness or defect: Integrity is soundness of character—being honest and reliable, and true to yourself in matters of conscience.

  4. freedom from theological error: Persons are received into the assembly based on adequate testimony to their conversion, soundness of doctrine, and holiness of life.

  5. the fact or quality of being vigorous, thorough, or severe: The 21–10 score does not accurately measure the soundness of the beating Ohio State administered to the Spartans.

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