[ sawr-sing, sohr- ]


, Economics.
  1. the buying of components of a product from an outside supplier, often one located abroad:

    Foreign sourcing in the auto industry has eliminated jobs.

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Example Sentences

They have software to integrate, recipes and we do the food manufacturing and sourcing to control quality, and ultimately they will operate the single location.

So DJI might not have as much trouble sourcing components from domestic supply chains.

This type of farming allows us to consider meat sourcing that doesn’t just lower our impact, but could actually be environmentally beneficial.

There’s more scrutiny for sure in recent years, especially around data sourcing practices as well as from an ethics perspective.

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Moreover, the startup will spend the money on securing health-related certificates and adding Japan to its sourcing regions.

And so we compiled this list through conversations with colleagues and social media crowd-sourcing.

At Reebok, the company had already begun sourcing goods and services in Asia by the time he began as CEO.

I personally took that as a vindication of the care I had taken in making sure I had solid, independent sourcing.

No one is paid; money for food and supplies is raised via internet crowd-sourcing or old-fashioned donation collection tins.

The trio haunted east coast flea markets, sourcing knickknacks that would adorn the lobby and guest rooms.





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