South Gate


  1. a city in SW California, near Los Angeles.

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Now Southgate has a chance at redemption, as the team he manages today — England — on Tuesday faces its old rivals in the round of 16, a quarter century and three days after his penalty miss.

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England’s young team reached the World Cup semifinal under Southgate in 2018, and while The Three Lions have not dazzled so far in this tournament, they have also not yet conceded a goal.

From Time

When all hell broke loose at the south gate of the factory, Black Hood was actually at the north-west corner of the grounds.

Black Hood was not the only person at the Weedham plant who had heard the gun fire at the south gate.

As soon as he had reached the south gate he had ascertained this by a glance at the gravel shoulder of the road.

And he brought me into the inner court at the south gate: and he measured the gate according to the former measures.

A third, circular temple stood between the forum and the south gate.


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