South Sea Bubble

  1. British history the financial crash that occurred in 1720 after the South Sea Company had taken over the national debt in return for a monopoly of trade with the South Seas, causing feverish speculation in their stocks

Origin of South Sea Bubble

so named because the rapid expansion and sudden collapse of investment resembled the blowing up and bursting of a bubble

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How to use South Sea Bubble in a sentence

  • Three years before he had been wrecked in the South Sea Bubble, and this is supposed to have caused his death.

  • England had its "South Sea Bubble," with the same madness of speculation, vanishing fortunes, and blasted reputations.

  • Of the many speculative schemes of the early eighteenth century, none is better known than the "South Sea Bubble."

    A Voyage to Cacklogallinia | Captain Samuel Brunt
  • The history of the South Sea Bubble has been told, before, but it is too prominent a case to be entirely passed over.

  • The old companies, which we may justly consider the directors of a South Sea Bubble in miniature, sunk the price from 84l.