Southern Baptist


  1. a member of the Southern Baptist Convention, founded in Augusta, Georgia, in 1845, that is strictly Calvinistic and active in religious publishing and education.

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Example Sentences

Pomeroy, a Southern Baptist, armed and trained his church members and routinely wears his weapon in the pulpit.

Christian leaders wrestle with Atlanta shooting suspect’s Southern Baptist tiesLey, the psychologist and author, argued that treatment like the kind reportedly received by Long — a devout Christian — may in fact exacerbate the issues at hand.

On January 6th, Southern Baptist leader Russell Moore described how ordinary Americans are “fearful.”

From Time

Though Frailey tries to keep Coffee Creek from feeling too traditional—he wears jeans, and the church has a modern band and uses chairs instead of pews—he considers himself a theologically conservative Southern Baptist pastor.

This is a challenging time for the Southern Baptist Convention.

But no one can accuse the Southern Baptist Convention of backing away from a fight.

All of which is too much for the Southern Baptist Convention.

As for them, I agree with the Southern Baptist Convention that we should pray for their well-being.

Yes, but the act of conversion is the heart of the Southern Baptist brand.

The Southern Baptist Convention, organized in 1845, continued its separate existence.

The statistics, taken from the Southern Baptist Register, will indicate the extent of their success.

The formal withdrawal of the southern state conventions followed in 1844, and in 1845 the Southern Baptist Convention was formed.

I was raised a Southern Baptist, but wheah's Heaven, anyway?





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