1. without issue; childless.

Origin of s.p.

From the Latin word sine prōle


  1. Shore Patrol.
  2. Socialist party.
  3. Submarine Patrol.
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Historical Examples of sp

  • You can't afford to squeeze a sp—I mean, break a heart in this fashion.

    It Happened in Egypt

    C. N. Williamson

  • An' if you've sp'iled your chance in this life, don't you mind.

    Meadow Grass

    Alice Brown

  • When he had gone Captain Jerry said, "Perez, you're sp'ilin' that boy."

    Cap'n Eri

    Joseph Crosby Lincoln

  • He could not now recal (sp) his words, but he hoped and he prayed that he had not.

    Luttrell Of Arran

    Charles James Lever

  • But the colonel is sp'ilin' his temper some with that bow whip.

British Dictionary definitions for sp


abbreviation for
  1. without issue

Word Origin for sp

from Latin sine prole


abbreviation for
  1. standard play: the standard recording speed on a VCR
  2. starting price
  1. British slang latest information


abbreviation for
  1. special
  2. plural spp species
  3. specific


abbreviation for
  1. Spain
  2. Spaniard
  3. Spanish
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