/ (ˈspeɪsə) /

  1. a piece of material used to create or maintain a space between two things

  2. computing a keyed space in text or data; space character

  1. a person who travels in outer space

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How to use spacer in a sentence

  • They slipped out each night, though, and walked the two miles to the spacer Graveyard down near the river.

    Equation of Doom | Gerald Vance
  • The charge had been a fake, an old military stunt that any green spacer could have seen through.

    The Sex Life of the Gods | Michael Knerr
  • First thing tomorrow we'll get you a decent set of clothes, so you can walk down the street without having people yell 'spacer!'

    Starman's Quest | Robert Silverberg
  • You don't seem to realize that you're a perfectly normal-looking spacer.

    The Happy Unfortunate | Robert Silverberg
  • She was very tall, he realized, almost as tall as a spacer woman—but with none of the harsh ruggedness of the women of Spacertown.

    The Happy Unfortunate | Robert Silverberg