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[ spair-ing-lee ]


  1. in an economical or limited way:

    Nutritionists recommend eating fats sparingly.

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  • o·ver·spar·ing·ly adverb

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Example Sentences

Google recognized this and created the disavow tool, however, they still advise site owners to use it sparingly.

While the FDA has issued EUAs sparingly for diagnostics and therapies aimed at other infectious diseases, such as H1N1 and Zika, a vaccine has never been used in civilians under an EUA.

The haptics are amazing and, when used sparingly, the motion controls are fun.

Whereas the people who are less fortunate than me who did not have that money still have access to just 2G internet sparingly.

So far he’s only sparingly deployed the DPA, which can force private companies to prioritize government orders, but it could become more of a feature to prep for the next pandemic.

From Ozy

Here and there, sparingly, one of the dolls might be purple or green: “Rainbow Piets,” they call them.

We owe it to our young and vulnerable patients to use these medications sparingly and judiciously.

The great emancipator is featured sparingly, emerging dramatically through the mist at the top of the ad.

He mentions the war sparingly and allows its wide shadow to cast itself over the book.

I realize now that I spoke to her in paragraphs, babbling on and on, while she talked sparingly but concisely.

The Potato is planted very sparingly south of Piedmont, and not so commonly there as in Savoy.

Fifty years ago such stops were sparingly used and many organists condemned their employment altogether.

Your hostess may suppose you despise her fare, if you appear so very choice, or eat too sparingly.

If there is a delicacy upon the table, partake of it sparingly, and never help yourself to it a second time.

The sour Medoc was sparingly drunk, mixed with sugar and water; some drank home-brewed small beer, the majority only water.