sparrow hawk

  1. a small, short-winged European hawk, Accipiter nisus, that preys on smaller birds.

Origin of sparrow hawk

late Middle English word dating back to 1400–50

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How to use sparrow hawk in a sentence

  • It was usually represented as a bird, especially as a human-headed sparrow-hawk.

    Scarabs | Isaac Myer
  • And the Earl told Geraint that the Sparrow-hawk gave a prize at the tournament.

  • The Sparrow-Hawk lays from four to six eggs of a bluish-white, spotted more numerously at the larger end with red-brown blotches.

  • The sun had climbed quite high before the sparrow-hawk came swinging round the wood.

    Lives of the Fur Folk | M. D. Haviland
  • It was a rather long, richly-gilded vessel, and bore a silver sparrow-hawk as figure-head.

British Dictionary definitions for sparrowhawk (1 of 2)


/ (ˈspærəʊˌhɔːk) /

  1. any of several small hawks, esp Accipiter nisus, of Eurasia and N Africa that prey on smaller birds

British Dictionary definitions for sparrow hawk (2 of 2)

sparrow hawk

  1. a very small North American falcon, Falco sparverius, that is closely related to the kestrels

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