speak to

verb(intr, preposition)
  1. to address (a person)

  2. to reprimand: your father will speak to you later

  1. formal to give evidence of or comments on (a subject): who will speak to this item?

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How to use speak to in a sentence

  • Every man must speak to-day—and do as well, if it comes to it.

    Oliver Cromwell | John Drinkwater
  • But it is not of this sort of waste of which I wish to speak to-day.

    Health and Education | Charles Kingsley
  • Nature was in various ways lavish in the bestowal of her favors upon him of whom we speak to-day.

  • The mountaineers of the Southern Appalachians speak to-day an eighteenth century English.

    Influences of Geographic Environment | Ellen Churchill Semple
  • All the afternoon I've been fussin' with my speech—I'm goin' to speak to-night—and now it's time for me to change my clothes.

    Cap'n Dan's Daughter | Joseph C. Lincoln