special term

  1. the sitting of a court for the trial of a special case.

  2. the sitting of a court at an extraordinary time.

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How to use special term in a sentence

  • This name was Katie's special term of endearment, and never used except when they were alone; no one else ever called her by it.

  • But one special term of the compact was that the outer world should have no acquaintance with things that happened between them.

    The Maid of Sker | Richard Doddridge Blackmore
  • It has a special term of its own, being stated to be "in his pride" when shown affront, and with the tail displayed (Fig. 469).

    A Complete Guide to Heraldry | Arthur Charles Fox-Davies
  • In this branch of the line the special term for this cousin, amitina, is also set aside for the descriptive phrase amit filia.

    Ancient Society | Lewis Henry Morgan
  • The Democrats, in order to kill the banks, were bent on a sine die adjournment of the special term.

    Lincoln, the Politician | T. Aaron Levy