spectroscopic binary

  1. a binary star having components that are not sufficiently separated to be resolved by a telescope, known to be a binary only bythe variations in wavelength of emitted light that are detected by a spectroscope.

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How to use spectroscopic binary in a sentence

  • Capella has been found to be a spectroscopic binary; also the pole star.

    Astronomy | David Todd
  • This star, which is the Algol variable V Puppis, has been found to be a spectroscopic binary.

    Darwin and Modern Science | A.C. Seward and Others
  • The star β Cephei has recently been discovered to be a spectroscopic binary with the wonderfully short period of 4h 34m 11s.

    Astronomical Curiosities | J. Ellard Gore
  • Prof. Campbell estimates that fully one star in six is a spectroscopic binary.

    Are the Planets Inhabited? | E. Walter Maunder
  • A star shown to be double by the spectroscope, but not by the telescope, is called a spectroscopic binary star.

    Astronomy for Young Folks | Isabel Martin Lewis

Scientific definitions for spectroscopic binary

spectroscopic binary

[ spĕk′trə-skŏpĭk ]

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