spell out

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verb (tr, adverb)

to make clear, distinct, or explicit; clarify in detaillet me spell out the implications
to read laboriously or with difficulty, working out each word letter by letter
to discern by study; puzzle out



Are you aware how often people swap around “their,” “there,” and “they’re”? Prove you have more than a fair grasp over these commonly confused words.
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spell out


Make plain, clarify, as in We asked her to spell out her objectives. [c. 1940]


Read slowly and laboriously, as in He was only six but he managed to spell out the instructions. [Early 1800s]


Puzzle out, manage to understand with some effort, as in It took years before anyone could spell out the inscriptions on the Rosetta Stone. [Late 1600s] All three usages transfer spell in the sense of “proceed letter by letter.”

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