[ spel-muhn ]


  1. Francis Joseph, Cardinal, 1889–1967, U.S. Roman Catholic clergyman: archbishop of New York 1939–67.

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Example Sentences

Spellman acknowledged that salespeople may feel pressure to get back into the field, but insisted that safety comes first and that no one is being encouraged to attend if they aren’t comfortable.

From Digiday

Ritchie also cited the case of Gladys Spellman, a Maryland congressman.

Mr. Spellman appeared, a smooth-shaven man of indefinite age, with dark shadows in the face, and cadaverous.

When Spellman had returned and handed a long envelope to his employer and withdrawn again, the suspended action was renewed.

Dr. Spellman and his wife returned to the bungalow on the day succeeding Jacks mishap.

I cannot discover the other canoe, remarked Dr. Spellman, passing the glass to Mike at his side.

I refer to what you did after leaving the home of Dr. Spellman and paddling to the upper side of the lake.





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