/ spɛndz /

plural noun

  1. dialect.
    a child's pocket money

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Example Sentences

But throughout it all, Ryan learns the true meaning of the holidays and spends it with family.

We see the effects of a state that spends more money per capita on prisons than it does on education.

And there is the question of the Pentagon budget—the department spends (get this) $2 billion every single day.

The Economist has calculated that it spends $170 billion annually in the United States alone.

They feed the mind, to be sure, but also help him get through the interminable hours he spends on planes.

Marguerite spends more than a hundred thousand francs a year; she has heaps of debts.

A good gambler never cares whose money he spends or how much he loses.

By a strange mania this prince spends his time sitting before a table, on which are placed six dice and a dice-box.

She spends a large part of her own private fortune for providing Creches, an old people's home.

She is now married, and he spends most of his time with some cousins at "Oak Knoll," a delightful place near Danvers.





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