[ spur-mat-uh-goh-nee-uhm, spur-muh-tuh- ]
/ spɜrˌmæt əˈgoʊ ni əm, ˌspɜr mə tə- /
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noun, plural sper·mat·o·go·ni·a [spur-mat-uh-goh-nee-uh, spur-muh-tuh-]. /spɜrˌmæt əˈgoʊ ni ə, ˌspɜr mə tə-/. Cell Biology.

one of the undifferentiated germ cells giving rise to spermatocytes.



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Origin of spermatogonium

From New Latin, dating back to 1860–65; see origin at spermato-, -gonium
sper·mat·o·go·ni·al, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for spermatogonium

/ (ˌspɜːmətəˈɡəʊnɪəm) /

noun plural -nia (-nɪə)

zoology an immature male germ cell that divides to form many spermatocytes
spermatogonial, adjective
C19: from spermato- + -gonium
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Medical definitions for spermatogonium

[ spər-măt′ə-gōnē-əm, spûr′mə-tə- ]

n. pl. sper•mat•o•go•ni•a (-nē-ə)

Any of the cells of the gonads in male organisms that are the progenitors of spermatocytes.spermatoblast
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Scientific definitions for spermatogonium

[ spər-măt′ə-gōnē-əm ]

Plural spermatogonia

Any of the cells of the gonads in male organisms that undergo mitosis to form spermatocytes as well as new spermatogonia. See more at spermatogenesis.
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