[sfing-guh-seen, -sin]

noun Biochemistry.

a basic unsaturated amino alcohol, C18H33(OH)2NH2, produced by the hydrolysis of sphingomyelin or gangliosides.

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Origin of sphingosine

1881; earlier sphingosin, equivalent to sphingo-, combining form representing Greek sphínx sphinx + intrusive -s- + -in2; so called in allusion to the enigmas it posed for its discoverer

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British Dictionary definitions for sphingosine



biochem a long-chain compound occurring in sphingomyelins and cerebrosides, and from which it can be released by hydrolysis. Formula: CH 3 (CH 2) 12 CH:CHCH(OH)CH(NH 2)CH 2 OH

Word Origin for sphingosine

from sphingos-, from Greek sphingein to hold fast + -ine ²

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Medicine definitions for sphingosine




A basic, long-chain, unsaturated amino alcohol, found combined with lipids in the brain and in nerve tissue.

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