/ (sfɪŋks) /

  1. a breed of medium-sized hairless cat with large ears and a long whiplike tail

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How to use Sphynx in a sentence

  • After the expedition to Egypt, Sphynx figures were introduced in bronze or brass to uphold tables and as arms for chairs.

    The Old Furniture Book | N. Hudson Moore
  • And as you have the "Keys" in your own hand, you may keep your friends in suspense, and make yourself as mysterious as the Sphynx.

  • She looked out broodingly at the ranges, the strange Sphynx look in her eyes, but she did not answer him.

    The Black Pearl | Mrs. Wilson Woodrow
  • But the Sphynx only smiled his unhumorous smile, and went on playing golf during the week when Ventnor was at work.

  • Patricia and the Sphynx had chosen the shorter way through the woods at the upper end and Steve and Aurora were alone.