[ spahy-der-web ]

verb (used with object),spi·der·webbed, spi·der·web·bing.
  1. to cover with a spider web or fine lines resembling a spider web.

Origin of spiderweb

First recorded in 1890–95; v. use of spider web

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spider web

  1. the web that is spun by a spider, made of interlaced threads of viscous fluid that harden on exposure to air.

Origin of spider web

First recorded in 1525–35

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How to use spiderweb in a sentence

  • The results are presented as a series of spiderweb-like visuals, making information accessible to non-technical users.

  • Solution also collects in cuticles and creases, creating a spiderweb effect if not barrier-creamed and/or daubed off.

    Spray-Tan Horror Stories | Anneli Rufus | July 7, 2010 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • A fall like that would have been certain to break the old-style spiderweb hairs.

    Out of the Depths | Robert Ames Bennet
  • Then the Rainbow Fairies slipped down from the butterflies and threw the silken strands of the spiderweb net over the bubble.

    Bobbie Bubbles | E. Hugh Sherwood and Maud Gridley Budlong
  • These pictures are shown on so large a scale that the spiderweb fills the end of the theatre.

  • It was like looking at a spiderweb through a sheet of frosted glass.

    Occasion for Disaster | Gordon Randall Garrett
  • Most of the clothes had rotted away; and when you took hold of a rag, it tore with a touch, like spiderweb.

    Tom Sawyer Abroad | Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)