or spin·out

[ spin-out ]

  1. the spinning out of control into a rotating skid of a car or other vehicle.

Origin of spin-out

First recorded in 1950–55; noun use of verb phrase spin out

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How to use spin-out in a sentence

  • The former like ants only heap up and use their store, the latter like spiders spin out their own webs.

    Novum Organum | Francis Bacon
  • Each article of the capitulation was discussed, so as to spin out the delay as long as possible.

    The Prussian Terror | Alexandre Dumas
  • You can indeed spin out a long Sentence of complicated Thought very easily, and very clearly; a rare thing.

British Dictionary definitions for spin out

spin out

verb(tr, adverb)
  1. to extend or protract (a story, etc) by including superfluous detail; prolong

  2. to spend or pass (time)

  1. to contrive to cause (money, etc) to last as long as possible

  1. a spinning skid in a car that causes it to run off the road

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Other Idioms and Phrases with spin-out


Protract or prolong, as in They spun out the negotiations over a period of months. This idiom alludes to drawing out a thread by spinning. [c. 1600]

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