spinal anaesthesia

  1. surgery anaesthesia of the lower half of the body produced by injecting an anaesthetic beneath the arachnoid membrane surrounding the spinal cord: See also epidural (def. 2)

  2. pathol loss of sensation in some part of the body as the result of injury of the spinal cord

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How to use spinal anaesthesia in a sentence

  • Perhaps even more wonderful is the newer method of spinal anaesthesia, which we used largely for the difficult abdominal cases.

    A Surgeon in Belgium | Henry Sessions Souttar
  • That would be the same thing as going home: little enough change from spinal anaesthesia in that!

    Gray youth | Oliver Onions
  • Then it occurred to her that the face of a person under spinal anaesthesia might in itself be a reason.

    Gray youth | Oliver Onions