Spinone Italiano

[ spi-noh-nee i-tal-ee-ah-noh, ih-tal-yah ]
/ spɪˈnoʊ ni ɪˌtæl iˈɑ noʊ, ɪ tælˈyɑ /

noun, plural Spi·no·ni I·tal·i·an·i [spi-noh-nee i-tal-ee-ah-nee, itahl-yah-] /spɪˈnoʊ ni ɪˌtæl iˈɑ ni, ɪtɑlˈyɑ-/.

one of an Italian breed of large all-purpose hunting dogs having a short wiry coat, solid white or white with light brown or yellow patches in color.

Origin of Spinone Italiano

From Italian
Also called Italian pointer.
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