Ba·ruch [buh-rook] /bəˈruk/, or Be·ne·dict de [ben-uh-dikt duh] /ˈbɛn ə dɪkt də/, 1632–77, Dutch philosopher.

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  • The system of Spinoza is less personal and also less dualistic than that of Descartes.



  • "Thou forgettest to reckon with the mathematics," laughed Spinoza.

  • She exchanged a half-smile with Spinoza, who thrilled deliciously.

  • He did not take Spinoza's outstretched hand in his but put it to his lips.

  • Spinoza sat down on his truckle-bed with a great sigh of content.

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Baruch (bəˈruːk). 1632–77, Dutch philosopher who constructed a holistic metaphysical system derived from a series of hypotheses that he judged self-evident. His chief work is Ethics (1677)
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