[ spir-yuh-luh, -oo-luh ]
/ ˈspɪr yə lə, -ʊ lə /

noun, plural spir·u·lae [spir-yuh-lee, -oo-lee] /ˈspɪr yəˌli, -ʊˌli/.

any cephalopod of the genus Spirula, having a flat, spiral shell that is partly inside and partly outside the posterior part of the body.

Origin of spirula

1825–35; < New Latin; Late Latin spīrula twisted cake. See spira, -ule
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British Dictionary definitions for spirula

/ (ˈspaɪrʊlə) /


a tropical cephalopod mollusc, Spirula peronii, having prominent eyes, short arms, and a small flattened spirally coiled internal shell: order Decapoda (cuttlefish and squids)

Word Origin for spirula

C19: via New Latin from Late Latin: a small twisted cake, from Latin spīra a coil
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