spit and polish


great care in maintaining smart appearance and crisp efficiency: The commander was concerned more with spit and polish than with the company's morale.

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Related formsspit-and-polish [spit-n-pol-ish] /ˈspɪt nˈpɒl ɪʃ/, adjective

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Examples from the Web for spit and polish

  • He stood five-eight, and his red and gold Space Service uniform gleamed with spit-and-polish luster.

    Unwise Child|Gordon Randall Garrett

British Dictionary definitions for spit and polish

spit and polish


informal punctilious attention to neatness, discipline, etc, esp in the armed forces
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Idioms and Phrases with spit and polish

spit and polish

Close attention to appearance and order, as in With a little spit and polish this house will sell very quickly. This expression originated in the military, presumably alluding to literally shining up something with the aid of a little saliva. There it also came to mean “too much attention to appearance, and not enough to more important concerns,” as in The commander is so concerned with spit and polish that he overlooks the crew's morale. [Late 1800s]

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