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[ splash-ee ]


, splash·i·er, splash·i·est.
  1. making a splash or splashes.
  2. making the sound of splashing.
  3. full of or marked by splashes, or irregular spots; spotty.
  4. making an ostentatious display; showy.


/ ˈsplæʃɪ /


  1. having irregular marks
  2. informal.
    done to attract attention or make a sensation; showy
  3. making a splash or splashes

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Derived Forms

  • ˈsplashiness, noun
  • ˈsplashily, adverb
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Other Words From

  • splashi·ly adverb
  • splashi·ness noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of splashy1

First recorded in 1825–35; splash + -y 1
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Example Sentences

The splashy concept had been in development for two years, with construction expected to begin this year.

The short-form video publisher came onto the scene on April 6 with a roster of 10-minute long shows featuring a splashy Hollywood cast.

From Digiday

The Hồ Thuỷ Tiên Water Park was supposed to make a splashy opening almost two decades ago.

From Ozy

Some early controversies regarding thermal performance and limited UHD video recording made for splashy headlines, but both the R5 and R6 have performed exceptionally in the real world.

It will eventually be home to the firm’s offices as well as the magazine’s New York City presence — yet another splashy expansion.

From Digiday

Simeiz, famous for its splashy parties and crowded clubs, looked deserted.

Last week, King Digital Entertainment, the maker of Candy Crush, went public in a splashy initial public offering.

But many felt heartbroken and humiliated watching that television coverage of the splashy celebrations among the Russians.

It was opening night for Britney Spears's splashy new Las Vegas residency, "Piece of Me."

So Anna, you sign on to do a big, splashy, Chuck Lorre sitcom—and then you spend the first five minutes in tears.

So Towser set the satchel down on the bank and, taking off some of his clothes, into the water he jumped with a big splashy dive.

As residence area, it was splashy; a series of interlocked estates rather than expensive mansions packed closely together.

Much of it is, of course—so are many canvases mere splashy imitations of Matisse.

This last a roar to the horse, whose splashy progress along the gullied road had suddenly ceased.

Julia, about the house after supper, was given to those vivid splashy kimonos with big flowers embroidered on them.





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