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  1. a long, narrow, thin strip of wood, metal, etc.; slat.
  2. a long, flexible strip of wood or the like, used in drawing curves.
  3. Machinery.
    1. any of a series of uniformly spaced ridges on a shaft, parallel to its axis and fitting inside corresponding grooves in the hub of a gear, etc., to transmit torque.
    2. feather key.
  4. Building Trades. a thin strip of material inserted into the edges of two boards, acoustic tiles, etc., to make a butt joint between them; a feather.
  5. Mathematics, Engineering. a function that has specified values at a finite number of points and consists of segments of polynomial functions joined smoothly at these points, enabling it to be used for approximation and interpolation of functions.
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verb (used with object), splined, splin·ing. Machinery.
  1. to provide with a spline or key.
  2. to provide with a keyway.
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Origin of spline

1750–60; orig. East Anglian dial.; perhaps akin to splint; compare Old English splin spindle
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Historical Examples

  • The clutch arm k slides upon a rod x, and has a feather projecting into a spline in x.

    Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II

    Joshua Rose

  • Fig. 1533 represents the chuck in use for holding a piece of shafting s to cut a keyway or spline in it.

  • The sliding half is driven by a feather fast in its bore, and sliding in a feather-way or spline in the shaft.

  • Grooves can be cut in both cleat and board and a tongue or spline inserted (Fig. 494).

    Woodworking for Beginners

    Charles Gardner Wheeler

  • Dowels can be used with this joint (see Dowelling), or grooves can be cut and a strip or spline or tongue inserted (Fig. 558).

    Woodworking for Beginners

    Charles Gardner Wheeler

British Dictionary definitions for spline


  1. any one of a series of narrow keys (external splines) formed longitudinally around the circumference of a shaft that fit into corresponding grooves (internal splines) in a mating part: used to prevent movement between two parts, esp in transmitting torque
  2. a long narrow strip of wood, metal, etc; slat
  3. a thin narrow strip made of wood, metal, or plastic fitted into a groove in the edge of a board, tile, etc, to connect it to another
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  1. (tr) to provide (a shaft, part, etc) with splines
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Word Origin

C18: East Anglian dialect; perhaps related to Old English splin spindle; see splint
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Word Origin and History for spline


"long, thin piece of wood or metal," 1756, from East Anglian dialect, perhaps from older Danish splind or North Frisian splinj.

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