split screen


  1. Also called composite shot. Movies, Television. a type of process photography in which two or more shots are juxtaposed and projected simultaneously on the screen.
  2. Computers. a mode of operation that uses windows to enable simultaneous viewing of two or more displays on the same screen.

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Example Sentences

To go split screen, tap the task switcher button on the navigation bar at the bottom—it’s the square one on the right of the home button.

The effect is something of split screen for those observing America’s largest corporations, which are being pulled off the sidelines and into the social and political melee as employees and the public demand it.

A jumble of split screen video, audio snippets, on-site reporting, and commentary cut-aways followed.

The commercial then shifts to a split screen of a cartoon turtle and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

My father is now at home in Chicago, watching Egypt obsessively on a split-screen TV.

You had to adapt yourself to the split-screen, the mash-up, the Internet technological ingeniousness of it all.

Once I conspired with our director to set up a split screen—Dave on one side, me on the other.

On the other half of the split-screen, Tjan beamed sunnily at them.





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