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[ split-uhp ]


  1. a splitting or separating into two or more parts.
  2. a separation or dissociation of two groups or people.
  3. Commerce. a process of reorganizing a corporate structure whereby all the capital stock and assets are exchanged for those of two or more newly established companies, resulting in the liquidation of the parent corporation. Compare carveout ( def 1 ), spin-off ( def 1 ), split-off ( def 3 ).

split up


  1. tr to separate out into parts; divide
  2. intr to become separated or parted through disagreement

    they split up after years of marriage

  3. to break down or be capable of being broken down into constituent parts

    I have split up the question into three parts


  1. the act or an instance of separating

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Word History and Origins

Origin of split-up1

First recorded in 1830–40; noun use of verb phrase split up

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Example Sentences

“My parents split up around the time I started writing, which brought in a lot of emotional baggage,” Kiesza says.

We will sometimes go on shoots together but we often split up and reconvene in the edit room.

Each story was harrowing and she often had to split up families as she went.

About two years ago, my ex and I split up after being together for nearly a decade.

My team and I learned that family units are split up and calves are taken from mothers and moved to other parks.

They split up into rival factions, each one wanting to set up a government of its own.

I've got them split up into shifts, along with a double of the chairman there, to cover the six machines.

That was the day the band split up, the bulk of the warriors leaving to go to their different villages.

Now, when they came to split up his enterprises among his sons, one of 'em took the temple for a living.

Soon after this dispute with the house of commons the city reformers quarrelled amongst themselves, and the party was split up.





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