/ splɪts /


  1. functioning as singular (in gymnastics, etc) the act of sinking to the floor to achieve a sitting position in which both legs are straight, pointing in opposite directions, and at right angles to the body

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Example Sentences

Some of them would open up deep splits in core Democratic constituencies.

One of the more interesting splits in the book is the difference between your time at Manchester United versus at Everton.

His target splits with a satisfying rumble, and then the fragments detonate as he strafes them with more bullets.

But on the French left — riven by ideological splits from competing centuries — that job is akin to herding cats.

They can exacerbate splits within a ruling leadership, foment popular unrest, or expedite a dwindling current account.

We trace the ravine of Sidi-Touati, which breaks the town in half as it splits its way into the sea.

I made some fiddles out of that peculiar Australian wood which splits into thin strips.

Let's get away from this before it splits or explodes again!

Splits and rents broke into the margin, and from each streamed the evanescent, azure vapour.

Again and again its skin splits, and a rather different zoea appears.





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