[ split-ing ]
/ ˈsplɪt ɪŋ /


being split or causing something to split.
violent or severe, as a headache.
very fast or rapid.


Usually splittings. a part or fragment that has been split off from something: Some cavemen made their smaller tools from the splittings of stone.

Origin of splitting

First recorded in 1585–95; split + -ing2, -ing1
Related formsan·ti·split·ting, adjective

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Origin of split

1570–80; 1950–55 for def 13; < Dutch splitten; akin to splijten, German spleissen to split
Related formssplit·ta·ble, adjectivepre·split, adjectiveun·split, adjectiveun·split·ta·ble, adjective
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/ (ˈsplɪtɪŋ) /


(of a headache) intolerably painful; acute
(of the head) assailed by an overpowering unbearable pain


psychoanal the Freudian defence mechanism in which an object or idea (or, alternatively, the ego) is separated into two or more parts in order to remove its threatening meaning

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/ (Croatian split) /


a port and resort in W Croatia on the Adriatic: remains of the palace of Diocletian (295–305). Pop: 188 000 (2005 est)Italian name: Spalato

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/ (splɪt) /

verb splits, splitting or split



having been split; dividedsplit logs
having a split or splitshair with split ends
See also splits, split up
Derived Formssplitter, noun

Word Origin for split

C16: from Middle Dutch splitten to cleave; related to Middle High German splīzen; see splice
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[ splĭtĭng ]


The chemical change in which a covalent bond in a molecule is cleaved, producing two or more simpler fragments.

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[ splĭt ]


To divide from end to end or along the grain by or as if by a sharp blow; tear.
To break, burst, or rip apart with force; rend.
To separate; disunite.
To break apart or divide a chemical compound into simpler constituents.
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