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[ spoi-lij ]


  1. the act of spoiling or the state of being spoiled.
  2. material or the amount of material that is spoiled or wasted:

    The spoilage in today's shipment is much too great.

  3. the decay of foodstuffs due to the action of bacteria; rotting:

    He was concerned about the spoilage of fruit on the way to market.


/ ˈspɔɪlɪdʒ /


  1. the act or an instance of spoiling or the state or condition of being spoilt
  2. an amount of material that has been wasted by being spoilt

    the spoilage of corn was considerable

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Word History and Origins

Origin of spoilage1

First recorded in 1590–1600; spoil + -age
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Example Sentences

Also, microorganisms can enter the food when it is transferred from the kettle to jar and cause spoilage.

The spoilage happened when Emergent cross-contaminated batches of the two vaccines with ingredients from the other.

This information helps reduce spoilage and wasted doses—if, say, a freezer goes out, medical staff don’t have to assume vaccines are spoiled.

One common way to slow or stop that spoilage is to remove water from the food.

Every retail food business has what’s called shrink, and shrink can mean spoilage.

Plus, how you store meat in a fridge sometimes contributes to faster spoilage.

It will also hide unwanted vegetal flavors and even mask certain types of spoilage.

Then the problem of curing tobacco in such a manner that it could reach England without spoilage faced him.

Spoilage of products is nearly always due to carelessness in one of these steps.

They also ferment readily, although a small percentage of preservative, such as benzoate of soda, will halt spoilage.

Anything that came in cans or packages that seemed safe from spoilage was carefully stowed away in the cave.

Such irregular surfaces cannot be wrapped smoothly enough to delay spoilage.





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