[ spawr-uh-kahrp, spohr- ]
/ ˈspɔr əˌkɑrp, ˈspoʊr- /

noun Botany, Mycology.

(in higher fungi, lichens, and red algae) a multicellular structure in which spores form; a fruiting body.

Origin of sporocarp

First recorded in 1840–50; sporo- + -carp
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Examples from the Web for sporocarp

  • A fruiting portion, magnified, showing the structure; a sporocarp, and an antheridium.

  • One of these threads reaches and fertilizes a cell at the apex of the nucleus or solid body of the sporocarp.

  • Portion magnified, showing the two kinds of sporocarp; the small ones contain microspores.

British Dictionary definitions for sporocarp

/ (ˈspɔːrəʊˌkɑːp, ˈspɒ-) /


a specialized leaf branch in certain aquatic ferns that encloses the sori
the spore-producing structure in certain algae, lichens, and fungi
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