[spawr-uh-goh-nee-uh m, spohr-]

noun, plural spo·ro·go·ni·a [spawr-uh-goh-nee-uh, spohr-] /ˌspɔr əˈgoʊ ni ə, ˌspoʊr-/. Botany.

the sporangium of mosses and liverworts.

Origin of sporogonium

First recorded in 1870–75; sporo- + -gonium
Related formsspo·ro·go·ni·al, adjective
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noun plural -nia (-nɪə)

the sporophyte of mosses and liverworts, consisting of a spore-bearing capsule on a short stalk that arises from the parent plant (the gametophyte)
Derived Formssporogonial, adjective
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