[ spawr-uh-tri-koh-sis, spohr- ]
/ ˌspɔr ə trɪˈkoʊ sɪs, ˌspoʊr- /

noun Pathology.

a widespread infectious disease marked by nodules or ulcers of the skin, chiefly affecting humans and domestic mammals and caused by the fungus Sporothrix schenckii.

Origin of sporotrichosis

From New Latin, dating back to 1905–10; see origin at sporo-, trich-, -osis

Related forms

spo·ro·tri·chot·ic [spawr-uh-tri-kot-ik, spohr-] /ˌspɔr ə trɪˈkɒt ɪk, ˌspoʊr-/, adjective
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Examples from the Web for sporotrichosis

  • Sporotrichosis is a mycotic infection due to the sporothrix Shenkii.

    Manual of Surgery|Alexis Thomson and Alexander Miles
  • Furthermore, the injection of mallein in cases of sporotrichosis will be attended with negative results.

    Special Report on Diseases of the Horse|United States Department of Agriculture

Medicine definitions for sporotrichosis


[ spôr′ō-trĭ-kōsĭs ]


A chronic infectious disease of domestic mammals and humans characterized by nodules or ulcers in the lymph nodes and skin and caused by a saprophytic or parasitic fungus of the genus Sporothrix, especially S. schenckii, commonly found in soil and wood.
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