sports bra


  1. a woman's undergarment designed for extra support and protection during sports and recreational activities.

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Example Sentences

The top is cut like a full-coverage sports bra, with a wide and tight bottom band and removable padded cup inserts.

While the bottom seam is elastic-free and stays loose on your skin, a hidden, built-in sports bra and removable padded cups still add support.

There were even details like I felt like she should wear a sports bra under that shirt.

The sports bra alone has revolutionized so much in our culture.

From Time

Abbie Barronian, associate editorFor me, the best sports bra is the one I don’t notice.

I immediately regretted wearing a sports bra to the casting.

I was running back to my apartment in Minneapolis, wearing shorts, sneakers, and a sports bra.

The jury got to see a photo of Casey, in a white sports bra, displaying the "Beautiful Life" tattoo.





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